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We are the Best

We’re the best that there is,
in our spot in sport.
We are so good in fact,
and this fact is a fact.
That our coach, Mr. Bogen
will not take us out
He will not take us out
of the spot that we start.
For the spot is in fact,
a very fine art.
I takes a lot of practice
for the position we play.
“What position is this?”
You might want to say.
In the spot that we play,
we don’t get the ball.
In fact, we do nothing at all.
For the position we start
is called “Bench Warmer.”
We take great pride in our art
in fact we are the top performer.
“Who are you?” you might ask.
We, to do our job better,
might bring a space heater.
“Who are we?” you say.
We are Dallas, Ernie, and Peter.
There are some good parts though,
to starting the bench.
One that comes to mind
is that we never stench.
We like doing this though
or else we would not.
If we did not like it,
just as I said.
We would quit the team
and spend that time resting in bed.
And you know what?
It is not a shame,
             and cheer!
At every good game.
We also get a front row seat,
with out the nice price,
now isn’t that neat?
But not quite concise.

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