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From the FutureTech Collection

Things That Never Have (and Never Will) Happened on Seinfeld

A character dumps his/her girlfriend/boyfriend for a good reason.

Jerry invites Newman into his apartment.

Susan (George's fiance) let's George keep any sort of private information secret.

Jerry dates a woman over a size 15.

Uncle Leo accuses nobody of being an Anti-Semitic.

Steinbrenner shuts up for a minute and lets George talk.

Mr. Peterman enters a conversation without telling a boring anecdote.

Kramer knocks before entering Jerry's apartment.

Kramer gets a real job.

Kramer gets evicted for not paying his rent since he has no source of income.

The owner of the diner which Jerry and the gang hang out at kicks them out for sitting there for 30 minutes without ordering anything.

Ten minutes go by in the show and no two characters start bickering about something insignifigant and stupid.

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